Meet The Team


President & Founder

My name is Shivek Narang and I am a high school student from the Bay Area. Better health is central to human happiness and well-being. With this goal I created NutritionNow with the goal to improve health and nutrition of the most vulnerable in our communities – including mothers, children and our seniors.

In my trips to India, I have witnessed malnutrition alongside a lack of clean water for a large part of the population. As I researched more into malnutrition, I realize people of all ages, including kids and seniors are affected by this widespread condition.

With NutritionNow,  I start to break cycles of malnutrition and food insecurity, I hope to impact positive change in my community. 

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President & Founder

My name is Keshav Narang, and I am a high school sophomore dedicated to improving society by leading activist movements and volunteering at non-profits seeking to help the underprivileged. At NutritionNow, I strive to increase food accessibility to members of my community, especially by raising awareness about food insecurity at my school and donating significantly to food banks. Let’s lead the fight and end world hunger.

Krystle DiCristofalo


Director and Board Member

Ms. DiCristofalo is the CEO of My Ivy Education where she helps students apply their passions and be the best possible versions of themselves.  She is a Columbia University student and graduate of the Stanford University Online High School and Telluride Association Summer Program. 


Director and Board Member

Pankaj Verma is a senior technology leader. He is currently a Senior Project Manager at GNS Science managing scientific projects from the atomic to the planetary scale to create wealth and protect the environment. Mr. Verma has been actively involved with non-profit organizations as a volunteer for the last ten years.